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Le séminaire France Berkeley (Virginia Woolf et la Résonance), deux fois repoussé en raison de la pandémie, se déroulera le 12 et 13 mai prochain, à la salle 16 de l’Institut.

PROGRAMME – Afterlives – Virginia Woolf and Resonance

Institut du Monde Anglophone (salle 16)
5, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine

Thursday 12th May

2.15 pm Introduction – Claire Davison and Elizabeth Abel (France Berkeley Fund)

2.30 pm – Historical Reverberations

Anne-Marie Smith-Di Biasio, “Listening to Listening in Woolf: Lyrical Anteriority, Ancestral Voices and the Shadow of Reminiscence”

Elizabeth Abel, “The Moth Aesthetic: Woolf’s Resonance for W.G. Sebald”

4 pm – 4.30 pm coffee break

Claire Davison, “Feedback footnotes? Three Guineas’ Resonant References” 

Anne Besnault, Virginia Woolf’s Unwritten Histories: Conversations with the Nineteenth Century (respondent: Marie Laniel)

Friday 13th May

10 am – Textual Echoes

Catherine Lanone, “Echoes of emptiness, from Mallarmé to Woolf”

Andrea Carboni, “Resonances of Growth between Virginia Woolf and Peter Cameron”

11 am – 11.15 am coffee break

Nicolas Boileau, “Discreet Signs of Madness in Contemporary Fiction or How Septimus’s Voices Resonate”

Mary Mussman, “‘Except that we are English people’: Civility, Eccentricity, and Sexuality in The Voyage Out

2 pm – Resounding Arts

Marie Laniel, “Virginia Woolf’s Resonance in Contemporary French Literature: Artistic Cross-overs in Nevermore (2021) by Cécile Wajsbrot”

Daria Tolokonnikova, “The Unlit World where the leaf rots”: Environmental Resonances in Virginia Woolf”

3 pm – 3.15 pm coffee break

Katherine Hobbs, “‘Something yet unvoiced’: Ethel Smyth and Artistic Activism”

Caroline Pollentier, “Transmedial Bodies: The Waves between Fiction and Contemporary Dance”

Round Table

Sounding On – the reader – resonator

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